College Students, Young Adults – More Susceptible to Internet Addiction?

wilderness therapy, group therapyWhile many people may over-use the internet and related technology, some succumb to internet addiction, a compulsive need to be online that overtakes other hobbies and personal responsibilities. It’s possible some situations could leave people open to relying on the internet.

College provides one of the first tastes of freedom and independence for today’s adolescents and young adults. Being young and still developing – physically, emotionally, and mentally, young adults in college could end up feeling overwhelmed. And while college can be a fun and adventurous time, it can also be stressful, scary, and lonesome. Making friends could be difficult, and the work load and responsibility could be more than they’ve handled previously, so they’re caught unprepared. For some students, this could lead to anxiety or depression; coupled with a lack of good coping skills, parental supervision and guidance, they may turn to the internet and online activities.

Online activities can become a source of pleasure, comfort, or distraction from the more stressful aspects of college life. Social media gives a sense of connecting through superficial friendships; “leveling up” in online gaming offers positive reinforcement and success in a community-like environment. The more dependent a person becomes the more likely internet addiction can take hold. Excessive internet use is more of a byproduct as the internet is a conduit for their sense of escape.

If an internet usage problem exits, college students’ school performance and grades suffer, and they withdraw from real relationships with family and friends, become irritable or feel guilty when not online, and neglect personal responsibilities and even hygiene.

Wilderness Therapy for Troubled Young Adults

If internet addiction has become a problem for an adolescent or young adult, there’s a range of treatment options:

  • Self-discipline
  • Digital detox: a weekend removed from technology and temptation
  • Therapy sessions
  • In-patient internet addiction treatment programs
  • Wilderness therapy

Wilderness therapy for troubled adolescents and young adults has become a more widely known source of help and is no longer considering only a last resort. Wilderness therapy is an opportunity to get teens and young adults away from the source of their troubles and to be put in an environment that

Pacific Quest is a well-respected wilderness therapy program that has been able to help troubled adolescents and young adults dealing with a variety of issues. Because internet addiction is less about excessive internet use and more about the underlying factors for why a person turned to the internet in the first place, Pacific Quest is well-equipped to help internet-addicted young adults determine their true areas of struggle.

Located on an organic farm in Hawaii, young adults who enter the program get away from technology and truly detox in a calming and supportive environment. Through horticulture therapy and both individual and group therapy sessions, they explore the root causes of their internet addiction, learn healthy ways to cope and deal with their emotions, and gain life skills to serve them once they exit Pacific Quest’s wilderness program.

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