Wilderness Therapy: Walk in Harmony with the World

When it comes to internet addiction in teens, an inner transformation must happen first in order for an outer change to occur. Nature supplies the classroom with the greatest impact for engaging and changing teens in the deepest way. At Pacific Quest we provide opportunities for teens to take their lives into their own hands and out of the grip of internet addiction.

How Wilderness Therapy Can Help Teens Struggling with Internet Addiction

Pacific Quest wilderness therapy for adolescents

The therapeutic benefits of wilderness therapy for teens struggling with internet addictions include nurturing the ability to trust one’s community through the experience of teamwork, developing a healthier relationship with the issues of control, taking responsibility for one’s actions and how those actions impact others, increasing feelings of self-esteem, joy and pleasure, and establishing a deeper connection with the natural world. One of the significant goals of our wilderness therapy program is to provide teens with the opportunities and skills to deal with difficult situations, so they can draw upon these experiences in the recovery process and long after program completion.

The addiction treatment aspect for internet addiction, video game addiction, or computer addiction lays in the obvious removal of the technological dependence and replacing it with healthier habits. In addition, those teens addicted to games, Internet, or computers often forget to take even the most basic level of care for themselves. That’s why our philosophy of health and wellness is routed in the principles of naturopathic medicine. An understanding and routine of basic physical health are the foundation of Pacific Quest. Proper nutrition and diet, plenty of exercise and adequate sleep are emphasized and supported. Adolescents also explore the body-mind connection as an integral part of this foundation.

For decades wilderness therapists and outdoor educators have been incorporating the healing and restorative powers of nature into programs designed to help troubled teens overcome addictions and personal challenges, to learn how to regain control over their lives, and to put themselves back on the path to health and happiness.

Wilderness therapy is a unique alternative to long-term residential schools and treatment programs. It has proven to be highly effective in dealing with many teen related issues, behavioral struggles and abuse problems.

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