Do You Know the Symptoms of Teenage Internet Addiction?

The Internet is a vital part of many different industries, as well as to our everyday lives. However, the Internet can also be harmful. Internet addiction is a growing concern, and teenage Internet addiction has become more and more widespread.

Perhaps you have a teenage child, and you’ve been suspecting that he or she is showing signs of teenage Internet addiction. Here at Pacific Quest, we believe that Internet addictions are serious because of the potential consequences. It’s important to identify them as soon as possible so you can get your teen the help that he or she needs.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of symptoms of teenagers who are struggling with some sort of issue, like internet addiction, as well as some information on how wilderness therapy can provide your son or daughter with healing from these addictive behaviors.

Growing Tolerance or Obsession

Has your teen demonstrated a growing tolerance level or an obsession with the Internet? Just like any addiction, an Internet addiction is recognized by a need for the next “high.” It’s similar to the way that alcoholics continue to increase their alcohol intake, or the way that illegal drug users frequently move on to more dangerous drugs. When a half an hour spent online no longer produces the desired physical and mental effects, an addicted teen will continuously increase their Internet time.

Frustration or Anger

For someone who suffers from an Internet addiction, not being able to get your next “fix” often results in frustration. However, over time and depending on how intense the addiction is, this frustration can escalate to anger or even violence. Perhaps you have observed this behavior in your teen whenever you’ve planned a family activity that would pull him or her away from the Internet for a period of time.


Addiction is often a lonely experience. The main reason for this is because the addiction – whether it’s alcohol, drugs or the Internet – becomes more important to the addict than anything. Have you noticed your child dropping out of activities at school, or spending more time away from friends and family in order to spend time online?


It is impossible for an addict to balance his or her life for very long. Eventually, there will be negative repercussions for the addictive behavior. You might notice your teen’s grades slipping, or he or she might fall asleep in class. If you’ve tried grounding your child for these behaviors, it’s likely that your teen will go to great lengths to find some way to be online. When confronted, most teens deny that they’ve broken the rules, or they come up with a story to cover up their deception.

Wilderness Therapy – Helping Teens Find Balance

Pacific Quest wilderness group therapy

Pacific Quest’s wilderness therapy is unlike any other teenage therapeutic program. Your child will not only learn to break the chains of Internet addiction, but he or she will also re-learn how valuable honest, real-life relationships truly are. By being separated from the
addiction, your teen will learn to identify it for what it really is, while also cultivating an understanding for how harmful it was.

The wilderness therapy program at Pacific Quest is more than just another type of therapy. It is a life-changing journey of self-discovery that will produce amazing results in your teen. Not only will your child learn to embrace the necessary tools to make better decisions, but he or she will gain the understanding and knowledge that’s required to carry this new-found wisdom into adulthood as well.

If you would like more information about Pacific Quest, we would love to talk with you. Please contact us today.

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